So for some reason I decided to check single dad laughing tonight.  I spent two full hours laughing at his pregnancy brain post and the following comments. But the point of this post is his far more recent post titled scrooged.  He writes as if the first ghost visits him.  In his self discovery he doesn’t reach the second or third ghosts which I would have found interesting; yet it could have taken away from the story he did tell.  I read this with a perspective of one that is over this holiday season, one that was over whelmed with the holiday section at shopko.  I started reading thinking that I wouldn’t finish this blog post… tldr…only it hooked me and I made it to the second page and with that I kept reading.  I couldn’t help but feel, cry, laugh, and relate.  I needed this post, I needed the perspective it gave me and the reassurance that I’m not crazy, that life is not just black and white and that I too am enough.  I am important.

I’ve made it this far into December with only minor breakdowns.  I’ve set boundaries with the holiday shopping and decor and yet I’ve done everything I have done with all the love and hope I can muster; I say can because I summoned more than I ever thought I could at this point.