Beard Oil

All the rage I know.  But it’s snowboarding season so my handsome partner elected to grow a beard.  It rapidly got out of control and as of last week he finally trimmed and shaped it.  We discussed beard oil and selected this ‘recipe’ or balance of carrier oils.  It remains to be seen whether the peppermint ‘flavor’ is enough scent, but I know my eyes watered!

The finally result warranted a “That’s badass!”

For a 50ml bottle:

25ml of Coconut Oil


Organic Coconut Oil

25ml of Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E Oil


Organic Coconut Oil

~5 drops of Tea Tree Oil (extremely potent)

~8 drops of Peppermint Oil (just seeing if it even works)

I had to melt the Coconut Oil due to the chilly weather here west of the Blues, once it was liquid I poured it into the measuring cup and added the scents.

I topped it off with the Sweet Almond Oil and mixed briefly.  Using my nifty little funnel I poured it into my recycled bottle (probably the cause of ‘badass’).


Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E Oil

For those that are local I got the coconut oil from ThriveMarket (this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it locally, but I was trying out their pretty awesome deals last month).  I got the almond oil and peppermint oil from Super 1 in the Huckleberries section. I’ve had the tea tree oil for a long time, and have collected the various tools over time.

My only worry for this mix is the coconut oil separating and solidifying again.  Time will tell!


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